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My main purpose on Dreamwidth is to find a decent roleplay partner who is serious about maintaining a long detailed storyline. I geniunely prefer my partner to be male and over the age of twenty-one. I specialize in fandom's and canon types. I am an anime fan, but seem to gravitate to the older series. (Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Trigun, Wolf's Rain, Heat Guy J, Gungrave)

I consider myself to be a literate roleplayer, and can average three to four paragraphs per post, and even more depending on how well the plot is moving a long, and how compatible roleplay styles are.

I am known for doing original character's as well, but this is a rarity, because it's hard to find character's that tug at my heartstrings. Though, I wouldn't be opposed to hearing out story idea's people may have or character's they may want to use.

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